2016 Year in Review

Thank you to all our supporters who made 2016 a success. Your support helped yield some very tangible results. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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At the end of 2015, one of our main goals was to improve how we released music. This improvement was measured by three key markers: frequency, excellence, and sustainability. Because of the support of people like you, we far surpassed our numbers from 2015. Thank you for every single like, share, retweet, stream, sale, and comment. We really appreciate it. Below are some key statistics.

Projects Released

Music Videos Released

Singles Released

Vlogs Released

Total Streams

We are deeply thankful for all of the support that we received in 2016. Every dollar invested helped fund the creation of even more music. We’re excited to show you some of the tangible results. Because of your support in 2015, our total streams increased by 33,914. Thank you. 




Spotify / Bandcamp

Total Streams

Increase from 2015

Live Performances

2016 saw a decline in performances. At the end of 2015, we realized that our over-commitment to shows was taking a toll on our overall output. In 2016, we went on our second tour called the INSIDE THE BOX tour. We visited 9 cities across Ontario in the summer. We are grateful for every opportunity to perform and learned a lot in the process.

After the tour, key members took breaks from live performances to pursue key life goals. Mark got married, Jeremy moved to Alberta, and Jordan started his Masters program in the field of social work.

One major lesson we learned in 2016 is that our best ministry is done when we focus on quality. With fewer shows, we were enabled to take major strides in improving our live show. Key additions include adding live instrumentation and crafting a joint performance set featuring all of the members of our team.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket, opened at one of our shows, booked us to perform and spread the word in the community. We appreciate you.

Total Performances

Total Cities

Inside the Box Tour Stops

Photo Memories

We Need Your Help in 2017

Our mission through LSTNFND is to tell the story of being once lost and now found. We do this primarily through releasing music online and performing. These functions require capital in order to invest in key expenses such as mixing, mastering, music distribution, video production, accounting/banking, creating physical merch for sale and so much more. To succeed in 2017, we estimate that it will cost us about $3,500 as an overall company. Much of this will come through selling music and selling merch. In faith, we trust that the rest will come through the support of the community.

If you believe in what we do, here’s how you can support the cause:

Buy Music/Merch

Considering purchasing a three-pack of CD’s to give away as presents, a t-shirt or a hat. Proceeds helps pay for mixing, mastering and video production.


Consider donating to our team. Donations help us pay for key large expenses such as investing in physical merch. *Note: We are not a non-profit organization and cannot issue tax receipts*


Please pray for us:

  • Creativity
  • Wisdom
  • Safety as we travel
  • Opportunities

2017 and Beyond

Moving into 2017, LSTNFND is thrilled to bring you more good music. Our goal is to continue pushing forward with our mission of building the found and beckoning the lost. Expect lots of good music, visuals and shows from the LSTNFND team. Thank you to everyone who’s supported us, from our day one backers to those just jumping on board.

Thank you to all the people who continue to show us grace and patience as we make mistakes and (hopefully) learn from them. Thank you to all the who people tell their friends and families about us. Most importantly, thank you to Jesus who found us when we were still lost. Ephesians 2:1-10 says it better than we ever could.

Things We Need to Work On

2017 is an opportunity to learn from the mistakes we’ve made so far. We are eager to improve. Some things we want to pursue include:

  • Signing a new artist
  • Deepening our relationship with you, our supporters
  • Finding new and creative ways to minister online and at shows
  • Embracing streaming on Spotify as our main source of distribution
  • Leaning into our personalities, instead of trying to force our brand into what’s popular or what’s common
  • Growing closer as a team
  • Gaining a deeper understanding what it truly means to be salt and light as it pertains to making music, relating to supporters, and working together with other artists in the industry