LSTNFND Music is proud to announce the latest addition to the LSTNFND family: Jon Corbin.

Known as The Runaway for the past 14 years, Jon Corbin has been involved in the Canadian music industry as a college radio host, promoter, emcee, singer, poet and now as an Arts and Repertoire Director for burgeoning record label LSTNFND Music.

“This is an exciting time for the crew. After heavily focusing on team building for the last 14 months, our main priority is to continue growing into a record label that has a strong emphasis on creativity rooted in wisdom, stewardship and artistic excellence. This is exactly what Jon represents and we’re happy to have him,” shared label manager Jermaine Wall.

As the A&R Director for LSTNFND Music, Jon’s main priority is to help the label’s artists grow and flourish as creatives, and as people. Practically speaking, Jon will be responsible for helping the artists manage their projects and help them strive for greater levels of excellence. Jon will also help source talent within the community to help the label grow its roster.

“I joined LSTNFND because I think we have the potential for a music MOVEMENT. That is only accomplished through like-minded groups of people who serve one another. I’m here to help our artists push for creative growth, while keeping our eyes firmly fixed on those around us that we can serve,” explained Jon.

“Direction and focus is something I’ve lacked and longed for as an artist,” added Mark Danger, LSTNFND’s latest signee. “I look forward to developing that with the help of Jon, who’s a trusted friend and a fellow artist.”

The LSTNFND team is excited to have Jon join the team. Look forward to lots of new music and initiatives in 2016.

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