LSTNFND is excited to announce that they are signing spoken word and hip-hop artist Jon Corbin. Jon, formerly known as The Runaway, is a 15-year veteran in music creation. Corbin originally joined the LSTNFND team as their Director of A&R in January 2016. Looking back at LSTNFND’s track record, it is clear that Corbin’s influence has been integral to their growth. When Jon joined LSTNFND in 2016, he said:

“I think LSTNFND has the potential to become a music MOVEMENT. That is only accomplished through like-minded groups of people who serve one another. I’m here to help our artists push for creative growth, while keeping our eyes firmly fixed on those around us that we can serve,” explained Jon.

Jon spent 2016 developing a number of singles and projects with the LSTNFND roster that have garnered growing audiences and press interest. At the same, he amazed fans by releasing two of his own projects, including the inspiring full-length album A New Direction. A New Direction was recently nominated for two Covenant Awards. As a friend to LSTNFND, Jon’s fingerprints have been all over almost everything the label has released since the label launched in 2014. LSTNFND’s Label Manager Jermaine Wall notes:

“Because of Jon’s presence and what he brings to the team, LSTNFND has taken major strides to move towards becoming that music movement. In 2017, we are flourishing into a label that embodies the qualities God put on our hearts when we started this thing.”

This isn’t the first time Jon has worked closely as an artist with Jermaine. The two collaborated on Corbin’s A New Direction album, with Wall providing the art direction that won the album a Covenant Award for Best CD Artwork Design. Through that process, the chemistry between Jon and LSTNFND continued to develop.

Joining the Team

“I didn’t realize it, but I had been missing a music community for quite some time. I got burned out trying to do everything on my own. But finding some valuable friendships in 2016, and growing in my relationship with the LSTNFND team, really rekindled my energy for making music. I’m ready to experiment, try new things, and see what the next steps are on this path,” shared Jon.

“We’re excited to have Jon join as an artist. We really believe in his unique combination of skills and his passion to make good art. Jon constantly uses his platform to speak truth, to love God and His neighbour, and to add his voice to the global dialogue on topics like social justice. Here’s to what God does next,” said Jermaine.

With his eyes set on a strong 2017, be on the lookout for a number of exciting releases from Jon.