We make honest, witty and passionate urban music featuring ORIJIN and MARK DURKSEN.
We once were lost, but now are found.


LSTNFND Music (“Lost and Found Music”) is a tight-knit family of musicians, community leaders, creatives and culture-shapers. Since 2014, LSTNFND has been releasing honest, witty and passionate urban music geared towards beckoning the lost and building the found.

Inpsired by Ephesians 2:1-10, LSTNFND was founded in 2014 by manager Jermaine Wall and artists Orijin and Jeremy Rodney-Hall. Since then, LSTNFND has released four full-length albums, released nine music videos, performed over 40 times, and completed two Ontario-wide tours including the In Good Hands Tour in 2014 and the Inside the Box Tour in 2016.

LSTNFND is supported by manager Jermaine Wall, A&R Jon Corbin and Engineer Adam Pondang. Our artist roster is comprised of rapper/poet Orijin, rapper/poet Mark Durksen, and poet/rapper Jon Corbin.