Mark Durksen

Lyrically dense, truth seeking, fun, and capable of holding silliness and seriousness in tension.

Mark Durksen is a dynamic emcee from Toronto, ON. Combining a runaway imagination with killer lyricism, Mark will make you laugh, think and, most importantly, have a tonne of fun.

With everything from workout music videos to compliment battles, this guy’s got a little something for everyone. A recent acquisition to the city of Toronto, Mark started his music career in St. Catharines, a hotbed of independent talent and grassroots movements. Mark wrote poetry and played bass in an experimental band until he picked up a Swollen Members album, and realized you can rap about pretty much anything.

“I didn’t know you could rap about monsters and social awkwardness. After that I was in. I began to appreciate rhyme and structure in hip hop the same way I did in poetry. I began to listen to other rappers. And it wasn’t long until I decided to try rapping myself.”

But much more than that, Mark is an advocate for peace and love. His faith in Jesus and love for the lost is the backdrop for every one of his songs. Mark’s aim to build the found and beckon the lost through music is shared by LSTNFND — a goal they continue to work towards together as they create Mark’s newest EP.

Releases & Videos