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Catch ‘Em All Review

Orijin’s new music video is clever. On his last record, Re:Percussions, he was ahead of the curve with his own Pokémon-themed song. It wasn’t just a good song about Pokémon song, though: it was a great song, period.”

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Episode 002: How to Be a Rapper

“How do you evolve from writing poetry for a school assignment to performing rap & hip-hop on stage at Canadian Music Week? If you’re curious about how Jordan (aka “Orijin”) develops tracks from start to finish or how he co-founded a record label without any startup capital, you’ll want to listen to this one.”


Re:Percussions Album Review

“Re:Percussions is also a refinement of Orijin’s talent: he’s clearly stronger as a rapper, with a better sense of flow and lyrics that have a more clever sense of rhyme and rhythm before. It’s a mixtape that does everything right and little wrong: Re:Percussions is short and easily digestible, while still offering a lot of depth — and a natural progression of Orijin’s skills.”

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An Interview with Orijin

“Jordan Heywood, known to his fans as Orijin, is one of the Toronto area’s strongest up-and-coming emcees. A tight flow, great sense of humour, and strong songwriting abilities separate him from the chaff and make him somebody worth keeping an eye on.”

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Jordan Heywood aka Orijin

In this two-part interview with Marc Groleau of Wikigod Podcast, Orijin discusses topics including how he got started in music, Talib Kweli, the state of hip hop, the human experience, and much more.

Part 1 | Part 2

Trust Album Review

What I like about Rodney-Hall is that he reminds me more of Tycho than he does of a hip hop backing track. And it’s great for him to explore this a little more fully. This album is mostly electronic, mostly inspired, and largely pretty good. Give it a listen before this label blows up.”

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On In Good Hands by Orijin & Jeremy Rodney-Hall

“We’re definitely taking the road less traveled. We express some pretty counter-cultural convictions that many will find intriguing, and others will find straight-up foolish. But we’re determined to keep repping what we stand for, making the best music we can, and marketing ourselves wisely. Our commercial growth and success will be the result of that persistence and a whole lot of divine grace — not the result of conforming to an industry standard.”

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Andrew James

City Gospel

On Orijin’s Performance

“Orijin performs with professionalism and passion. His lyrics are creative and allows the audience to connect with his performance. He is able to interact  keep the attention of audience members through his original music. It was a great pleasure to have him perform at our event!”

Urban Flair Team

St. James Town Youth Council

On Orijin’s performance at Canadian Music Week

“He’s talented, he has a positive vibe and approach, and he’s consistently working hard, and those are three things I look for […] His rhymes are well-crafted and he delivers them with conviction, if he keeps working there is no reason why he wouldn’t be able to move forward in his career and speak to more people.”

Shad K

Canadian MC

On Orijin’s Performance

On In Good Hands by Orijin & Jeremy Rodney-Hall

“Orijin x Q are a Christian hip hop duo based out of Toronto who, to put it simply, just rock — especially on their latest record. Q writes the beats and Orijin lays down the verbiage, and together they make great noise. They put on an awesome live show, their flow is tight, and their lyrics are positive and great soul reinforcement on a tough day.”

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Nathan Snelgrove

Unsung Sundays

On Orijin’s Performance at Canadian Music Week

“Heywood, on the other hand, couldn’t be farther away from these standards. A self-professed goody-two-shoes that weighs no more than a buck-30 soaking wet, his demeanor and Rivers Cuomo glasses don’t exactly convey a hyper-masculine persona. But then again, that’s never been his intention when it comes to performing.”

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Imran Khan

The Eye Opener

On Orijin’s performance

“With a Love Movement audience of 600 distracted and energized young people, Orijin performed with enthusiasm and excitement, capturing the attention of everyone in the auditorium. On top of his fantastic showmanship, his professionalism on and off the stage exceeds most young performers in the business. Above all, God’s love shines through him.”

Ben Porter

Co-Founder, Love Movement