Even This Could Be Home by Mark Durksen


ETCBH is a seven-track project by Mark Durksen that explores what it means to be at home, with yourself, with others and with God.

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“The real you is better than any of the fake versions you can come up with. Yet every day, the expectations of others and ourselves can leave us wondering, or hiding, who we truly are. In a world like this, a genuine smile can feel like the warm glow of a candle, an honest confession like the darting lines of a poem, and an accepting friend like the open door of a home,” explained Mark.


  1. Maple Sap
  2. Middle Name
  3. Alone
  4. Really Mean ft. Drew Brown
  5. Won’t Fall ft. Orijin & Jeremy Rodney-Hall
  6. Follow You Remix ft. Jon Corbin
  7. Printer Paper

Tracks 2,5,6,7,8 produced by Jeremy Rodney-Hall. Track 3 produced by Brett Klassen. Track 4 co-produced by Jon Corbin and Jeremy Rodney-Hall. All songs mixed and mastered by Adam Pondang.

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