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Jon Corbin is a Canadian hip-hop artist, spoken word poet, speaker, band leader, writer and DJ based in Milton, ON. A high school teacher by day, Jon uses his broad skill set to create dynamic and engaging presentations for high schools, middle schoolers, and educators.

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Featured School Presentation

Hope Is In The Healing

Hope Is In The Healing is a powerful one hour presentation that touches on themes of equity, justice, identity, and mental health awareness. Using the backdrop of Jon’s insightful spoken word poetry, Jon is able to speak on broader social subjects and present the perspective of many marginalized communities. The presentation promotes cross cultural dialogue, cultural sensitivity, and encouraging ways to improve mental health. This presentation is available for educators, high school or middle school students.

Featured Church Presentation

Just Love: Jesus & Restorative Justice Principles (with Jordan ‘Orijin’ Heywood)

Just Love is a 2-hour workshop that equips participants to practice mercy, respond justly, and nurture Christ-like compassion in response to the criminalized and marginalized in our society.

More Presentations


+ History of Hip-Hop – discusses the musical roots and community based foundations of hip-hop

+ Dead Poets to Dope Poets – a classroom series that examines the connections between modern poetic writers and famous poets


+ Loving God and Watching Movies – discusses a faith based approach to engaging film
+ This is America: Discussing race & faith using the hit song from Childish Gambino


+ I Know You Care: Affirming God’s Unfailing Love In The Hard Times (Psalm 13)

+ Seeking Connection: Finding God in the Quiet (Psalm 27)

+ Picking Up Your Cross Means Laying Down Your Privilege (Matthew 10)

+ Patience in the Storm (James 5)

+ Marriage & Divorce (1 Corinthians 7)

+ A New Direction – a poetic presentation of a faith journey in finding self-worth and forgiveness

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